LakeVoice News

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LakeVoice News is UMD’s hyperlocal news source that consists of stories submitted by UMD students.

In the fall of 2016 I was able to work as a reporter for LakeVoice and produced several stories about the Duluth area.

The Juice Pharm: Sustaining the environment and community through juice

Come one, come all to the Fairytale Ball 

UMD Political Science classes gage local voters via exit polls 

Cole Ehersmann: The face behind Hive Apparel 

Knife River hosts the 2016 Julebyen Christmas Village



The Statesman


Reporter at the UMD publication The Statesman. There I wrote in multiple sections like Culture, News, Voices, Sports, as well as video stories.



Sports and Outdoors-


One River, Many Stories

In the last couple of months I have had the amazing opportunity to be apart of Duluth’s One River, Many Stories campaign to turn the heads of Duluth’s journalists toward the St. Louis River.

I been working with Karen Sunderman from WDSE-TV to produce and edit minute long video segments of people telling their St. Louis River story.

In all we choose 5 stories to tell… here are those stories.


The 5th and final story will be added after it has aired through WDSE.

All stories have been edited by Natalie Grant with direction and help from the fabulous team at WDSE, Karen Sunderman and Steve Ash.

All stories have been editing with Avid